Training & Certification of our Employees


Cal/OSHA Hotel Housekeeping MIPP Training

Hotel Housekeepers must undergo MIPP (Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program), and we make this training a high priority at SouthCoast Services. This training helps prevent musculoskeletal injury or any sort of cumulative trauma by teaching employees safe work habits and methods. We take each employee through this training prior to them stepping foot into any hotels.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

California law requires all supervisory and non-supervisory employees to be trained in how to prevent and spot the signs of sexual harassment in the work place. Our training includes the types of conduct that can be considered sexual harassment, remedies available for victims of sexual harassment, practical examples of sexual harassment and much more.

Background Checks

We require that all of our employees submit to the possibility of a background check. However, it is only a necessity for certain positions such as jobs that are involved in safety or who directly deal with guests and their items. Feel free to inquire further about these checks if your hotel is interested.

Human Trafficking

Hotels can be sites where human trafficking can happen under the nose of an untrained employee. We take a stand against that and make sure our employees know the signs to look for and what to do if they ever see any suspicious activity.